Getting out of the door and into the freeezing cold can be the hardest part of the ride during the winter, at least for those of us in the most northern sectors of these lower 48 states…….It sure was for me last night, but in need of a serious biking fix prevailed and i headed to the closet to figure out the layers of clothes that i’d be needing for a short hour long ride.

Some wool socks, winter shoes, windfront tights, ss jersey, ls jersey, fleece vest, and a stout storm jacket. Skip the cycling gloves and go full mitts, rid the helmet to wear a nice warm hat, and a fleece neck gator to keep that warm breathe close at bay. I also packed up a few essentials into the fanny pack and headed on my way. It’s kinda funny how this ritual of assorting clothes and gear almost takes as long as the ride itself on nights like this.
Eventually i load the Ford up and drove to the upper portion of sleeping child road which is always completely snow/iced over for about 3-4 months of the year. Tonite it was ice covered and i was very thankful for the little tiny metal objects that are embedded into my tires (Nokian Gazza 294). I rolled slowly up the canyon road just till the dead end and then pedaled softly back down, on studs but still cautious to gain much monentum. Afterall…..i was helmetless. Yeah go ahead and flame on me Chuck……i can take it.
quiet and uneventful….the perfect winter ride.