Red Barn Cycling Caps !!

cotton-$20, wool-$30, wool w/flipups-$35
Tracy and Dan rockin’ the new cap.

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speaking of cold weather

While on the subject of cold weather it should also be noted that we’ve got a bunch of new winter clothing arrivals for those hardy souls that ride year round.

Shrek says ” Cold Weather Gear is here ! “
Pearl Izumi

the $225 Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX

Craft rain jacket with pit zips and fleece lined collar and the Craft Storm tights with windproof fronts and lightly fleece lined. Either option for $100

Bellwether Windstorm gloves with fleece lining

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speaking of pedals

the Straitline

the urban camo Twenty6

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Meddle with the custom pedal

so we were placing an order with Tyler over at twenty6 recently and he was telling us about these Special Edition set of pedals that he just finished. Intrigued by things of special intent we craved more details and before i knew it and by the end of the conversation Tyler had us sold on a set. Yes they are expensive…..very expensive but constructed and finished with perfection. Limited run of twenty-six, introducing you to set #6.

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new Red Barn waterbottles
that are
100%biodegradeable and made from 20% recycled materials

20 oz – $3
24oz – $4

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650b Ventana stylie

the Ventana El Bastardo

here’s a few pics of Sherwood Gibson’s spin of a 650b wheeled full suspension bike. We’ve had this beautiful bike built up for a couple of weeks now and it’s honestly been heading out the door almost everyday for demo rides. Same response each and every time. Big grins coming in the front door followed by a Holy $hit that felt goooooood !! And since i’ve now ridden the bike a half dozen times on a variety of singletrack i can also comment on the behaviors of the 65o Ventana .
on my first ride out on a very rocky Blodgett Canyon trail which climbs slightly uphill along a streamside gradient i noticed that the gearing of the 650 wheels was fine and i could push that middlering much more often as opposed to dropping into my inner ring on a 29″ dually. It should be even more noticeable once the real climbing of summer approaches. I also noticed that when in technical terrain that required quick bursts of speed to get past or up and over a certain obstacle the 650 wheels accelerated very good. It also wheelied well when trying to get the wheel up and over a rock, waterbar, etc. I pretty much credited this to the chainstay length (17.5″), which is a half inch longer than the 26″ wheeled equivalent ElCiclon (17″) and much shorter than the 29″ wheeled El Rey (18.3″).
Climbing, the bike really handled much more like the ElCiclon, which could have also come from the shorter stays and possibly the combination of gear ratios being closer to the 26″ bike. I honestly didn’t seem to notice any benefits of the 650 wheels, but it did perform well and the wheel size certainly didn’t hinder any climbing abilities.
Decending at medium to high speeds was the true surprise of this bike in my opinion. This bike carved tight turns so well, and once it got really rocky with speed was the first time i really FELT the benefits from the larger wheel. I could pretty much pick the straight line through a section and the bike really kept it’s momentum very well through the chunk.
all in all….another well designed bike from those folks at Ventana and to make bike purchasing even more confusing another wheel size that works very well too. I suppose the only hangup for a consumer at this point would be the lack of tire, rim and true 650b suspension fork options. Only time well tell if the bicycle industry gets behind the idea. For 5″ + full suspension bikes i think the idea really makes sense as it doesn’t disrupt frame geometry’s or put constraints into frame design. We also reap the benefits of a larger wheel size that does indeed roll over obstacles easier.
the 2.3″ Pacenti Neo-Moto

if i really had my wishes granted i’d take one of each….26″, 650b, and a 29er ! A cup of tea for just about everyone.
come on in and demo the El Bastardo to see if it is your favorite flavor.

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new Hadley front

one hub – 4 different axle configurations.
Here’s the hub that we’ve been asking for, thanks to Mike and Suzanne over at Hadley Racing for making it. A high quality front hub that converts to most of the popular fork axles. 20mm thru, standard QR, 9mm thru axle, and now the Fox Shox 15mm thru axle.
Price $160

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new stuff

Chris King has been promising delivery of a bottom bracket for years. They held off during the Octalink and ISIS years, neither of these were bottom bracket options that they wanted to pursue. Then the new and current external bearing design has taken off and has pretty much been adopted by the world. Now this seemed to be something King could grasp. We even saw some early pics from the FELT designers where they actually had a King headset pressed into a threadless bottom bracket shell. Pretty cool… was only a matter of time.

So as a huge believer of their in-house made bearings we’re very happy to announce that we have good stock of their new bottombracket. And in true typical King fashion…..available in a plethora of flavors.

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new schwalbe fat alberts

these are the new Fat Albert front and rear specific tires and an increase from a 2.35″ size to 2.4″. We also have the regular sized Albert that comes in 2.25″

750 g for 2.4″ size
670g for 2.25″

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Aaron’s new CX

Here is aaron’s new Fall inspired creation. His new Gunnar Crosshair cyclocross/dirt road bike dressed up with Shimano’s Ultegra grouppo and built up just in time for the upcoming cross season. So Aaron…….do you suppose you’re going to be in shape in time for that first race over in Butte ??

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