A small Phil Wood order came into today, and it was a perfect day to smudge the hubs all up with some greasy fingerprints (sorry Chris, but don’t worry i wiped them all off ). Beautiful equipment these fellas make. The hubs are easily some of the most beautiful being made these days, bomb proof too. If only they weighed a few grams less then the masses would probably enjoy them also. We also got in a few extra fixed gear cogs (which are stainless steel) and a half dozen more bearings for the external bottom brackets.

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DU Bushing tool

Any gal or fella that’s been riding around on full suspension bicycles for any length of time knows that the weak point in any suspension linkage is typically the shock bushing. Thankfully my pal Vince has created a very simple DU Bushing tool that removes the old one and presses in the new with use of a vise or mallet and it sells for less than $25. It’s a tool that belongs in every mountain bikers toolbox. Drop me an e-mail at to reserve yours.

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2008 Magura Louise

Magura’s new Louise stumbled into the front door today. It appears that they’re going to keep last years design (which has been a favorite hydraulic brake of mine for a while) around for a while longer until these are a proven winner. The 2008’s have numerous differences mainly the fact they’ve designed the caliper as a two piece, which should make the maintenence of the pistons a possibility. Most other design differences appear to be cost effective changes which have effectively brought the price of the brake system down a whopping $45 per wheel compared to last years unit ($125 compared to $170 per wheel).

so far…. i’m still liking the 2007’s better based purely on appearence. The word isn’t out yet on how well these perform but i’m sure that we’ll let you know soon enough (as we’re sorting out a set on a Knolly Endorphin). If they keep the dynamics of the 07′ system then Magura will surely have created another outstanding brake.


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