Trek Farley 5 and Farley 7

Did you know we were a Trek dealer, well this past summer it became official and we partnered up with the brand who arguably make the best bikes in the industry. This instantly gave us access to a very wide array of all types of awesome bike; their kids bikes rip and have been very popular, fat and plus sized bikes continue to grow in popularity, their suspension bikes ride smooth and engineered to be plush and efficient. If you already haven’t we recommend that you stop on in for a look, even try one out. We’re stocked for spring.

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Fatbike Grooming Status

Spring is starting to sprunging ! Soft conditions in the day…ride early or late. Or get high !

Skalkaho Pass-  3-13-19

Skalkaho Rye (Daly Creek)- 3-7-19  Bladed on the 15th…Fatbike conditions unknown

Lost Horse Road- 3-14-19

Como Lake Trail North/South- no reports

Como X Country Ski Trails- 3-15-19  soft spring conditions, get it in the A.M.

Shannon Ridge- 3-11-19

Gibbons Pass- Groomed to Gibbons Pass 3-14-19

Trail Creek Groomed 3-14-19

Hogans Run- 3-13-19

Sunshine- 3-14-19

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Shannon Ridge

Caelen ripping on those sweet Shannon Ridge Trails.

Lake Como area is such a gem with numerous trails in the area. Need some help locating good places to ride ?? Stop on in for trail information, directions and advise.

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Coyote Coulee Update…Spring has Sprung!

Just got a call from one of our regular customers who reported that Coyote Coulee is fully open and rideable.  There are some small patches of snow on the upper trail, but easy enough to ride through.  Also, he said there are 3 trees down but nothing you couldn’t hop over….or bring a saw and cut a path??!!

Looks like spring has sprung so get out there and turn some pedals!

Thanks for the call, Skip.  Enjoy your ride!

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New arrivals from salsa and surly. Stop on in and check out the new line up of bikes.
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