Chicken Crit recap and final results. Well, it’s been a few days since my last entry and it’s not because i’ve been avoiding the blog. It seems that we’ve had a little spurt in the action at the shop here and folks have been coming in to visit and to get their last doses of riding before the snow settles in for the long haul. Today alone we had visitors from Missoula, Great Falls and someone passing thru from california and actually bike shopping in Montana (sounded kinda bizarre to me too ), but anyway during the last few days it’s allowed the fun to sink in from last weekend. The Chicken Crit, in it’s second year of carnation has been embraced and we’ll certainly have a third if you all would be kind enough to come back again. What is the CC ?? Well very basically it’s an end of the year celebration and a party with the same company who we spent lots of time out on the trails this past year with. We grilled, fried , and baked just about every type of meat plate you could imagine. We drank great local beer, and some not so local Tequila (Mag, thanks for making the margaritas) . We sat around and enjoyed damn good conversation, which VARIED greatly dependeding on which circle of friends you stumbled into. We also had a slide show that highlighted 2007 in review….lots of new trails were ridden and new friendships were made along the way. The chicken crit is my way of bringing all of these good folks together and saying ” thanks for the g-times”. And then…..finally … cap off the evening we have adults on tyke bikes racing for glory and pride. A pretty damn good night by my own personal definitions.

fried salmon
slide show
and finally….the result (time penalties assessed…yes you brother George, you drip and the time gets nipped)
1. A Riley
2. Chaybo
3. Brother George
4. No-way T-Buhl
5. Walt finely representing the tues night brethren
Wmns catagory we had two fearless females take the plate and it was a close race for sure.
1. TD
2. Sassie Cassie has some fine a#$ boots
and finally…in the b-day suit division
1. and much to the surprise of us all
2. No way T-Buhl who kept a little something- something extra left in his reserves
3. Brother George
4. and last but not least, inspiration for the newly added catagory, L Physer.