welp……i survived. I hurt like hell for an entire hour, thought about quitting the race about 15 minutes into it as my stomach felt like it was turning completely inside out. Yessir indeed, pure hell for those first minutes……so, instead of focusing on that damn pain i started to focus in on the fun sections of the course. And there were many as reminded to me by my three kiddo’s who were sitting course side with trident in hand. Actually trying to spear me in the arse. Okay kids…..i get the point. (and thanks for instigating the juvenilles Howie)

So, with that in mind i noticed the race beginning to be half enjoyable, and before i knew it the race was down to three very short but intense laps. I was sitting in 7th and just caught by a group of 4. Crap ! I tried hanging on but all four were much faster in the flat sections that required hard pedaling. I ended up satisfied with 11th place out of the forty or so starters. Chalk it up. This next weekend…..Kailspell MT for two back to back days of hellish pleasure. So kiddos……bring on the trident !! Link for this weekend

and thanks to the fellas and gals at Montana Cyclocross for the fantastic, well organised event. You’ve certainly put on one of the best cycling events in MT.