The Ventana Factory tour…..i suppose i’ll kick you guys into submission eventually with the repetition of the V word, but i really can’t express enough just how friggin cool it is seeing a manufacturer in the full suspension business able to bring a bicycle to life under one roof, by themselves. Bravo Sherwood & Co. !
So this is the start…the machine shop where the madness happens. The first step to every frame ( other than the order be taken by Teresa ) is given credit to CNC machine (computer numeric controlled), this piece of expensive machinery takes a CAD drawing and produces the BB shell and chainstay yokes on each and every full suspension frame. The liquid that you see here is used for cooling/lubrication of the tooling as it shapes the aluminum. After the etching the parts head into a tumbler machine that deburs the edges and smooths out the surfaces. After 15 minutes in the tumbler the bb shell is ready to be placed onto a frame jig and awaiting mitered tubesets.