So, saturday was good….damn good. Good buddy Rick and i loaded up the Ford truck with a load of less desirable cruisers dug out from the depths of the barn and we headed up to Missoula for the New Belgium Fat Tire Fest., The Festival is always a carnival of freakish bikes and folks….mix the two together and a throw downhealthy sampling of New Belgium and you have yourself some fine entertainment.

The old cruisers were well recieved and i ended up selling a handful, actually truth be told i think rick did all of the selling/collecting fundage. He’s a pretty decent salesman (professional b-s’er) with a couple of brews down his neck.

so we headed home much lighter than when we left….paid for the gasoline to get up there and back and also to get a couple of burgers down our throat so i suppose we faired out pretty well.

riders and obstacles courtesy of the Bike Doc

entertainment courtesy of Mr. George

Rick the bike salesman
good pals