got to Portland on friday night, checked in at the Red Lion, threw our bags in the room and headed up to the 6th floor to wet the whistle, eat a few appetizers and talk shop with some of the faces that were also on the same mission…..i managed to get hold of Teresa and Sherwood who were also staying at the same hotel and they decided to come on up and join in on the riff-raff also. I also happened across a couple from Lincoln Ne. who recently purchased the shop where i purchased one of my first ‘true’ mountain bikes from…Bike Peddlers, how coincidental ?? It was cool to catch up with the local Lincoln hub-bub, and also cool to see that the shop was in good hands with some damn good folks.

We hung out about as long as Don Walker could stand and i could tell that the general roar of our small group kept getting a little louder and louder so we figured it was best to take the party to the streets of Portland, on the bikes.

yyymmmm, tasty says the captain