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Chris King has been promising delivery of a bottom bracket for years. They held off during the Octalink and ISIS years, neither of these were bottom bracket options that they wanted to pursue. Then the new and current external bearing design has taken off and has pretty much been adopted by the world. Now this seemed to be something King could grasp. We even saw some early pics from the FELT designers where they actually had a King headset pressed into a threadless bottom bracket shell. Pretty cool… was only a matter of time.

So as a huge believer of their in-house made bearings we’re very happy to announce that we have good stock of their new bottombracket. And in true typical King fashion…..available in a plethora of flavors.

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Chris King is starting to get the itch to build frames again after conversation regarding his first incarnation started to build buzz. We welcome the thought of King lugged frames….

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King headset

On the subject of Portland…..You know Chris King’s HQ’s are located in Portland as well. And check out this little treat we just recently rec’d. It’s their new 1.5 Devolution Headset to convert frames with a 1.5 head tube so they can use a suspension fork with 1.185″ steerer tube, same bearing deign on a larger scale, a preload shaft to keep things taut up front. I also really like the subtle black on black lettering. Price is $179.

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King goes 150

150mm axle on the rear hub that is. Optional stainless freehub shell if need be. Price is King steep….$369.

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King Components

holy sweetness

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king overhaul

during a recent king rear hub overhaul i thought i’d take a couple of pics of their ring drive system….it’s a beautiful design that’s not as prone to typical pedal torque wear and tear. Why ?? Because much of the loads are displaced from their helical spline, between the spline and the engagement teeth they create a drive that can handle up to 800 ft/lbs of torque…that’s pretty darn good. But besides all of this technical information the true beauty of these hubs is how easily they can be COMPLETELY torn down for an overhaul with the use of the King Hub Service tool. This hub shown here has 4 years of use logged in and the teeth still look brand spankin’ new. The bearings, still buttery smooth. King hubs are expensive but we think they’re worth every bloody cent.

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