1937 Schwinn LaSalle

here’s a couple of pictures of a beautiful fully restored Schwinn that was done by Bob of Bobs Bicycles from southern California. Kurt…..the new owner was explaining just how nice this bike was for about a month and until he finally brought it in for a FULL assembly words really couldn’t explain how nice and straight everything was. Typically the fenders would have a few dents, and some scuffs towards the bottom of the fender….the tank may have a few dents or dings here and there, maybe a little rusting on the chrome….but everything and i do mean everything was in super clean condition. Pretty amazing considering it’s a 70 year old bike. Thanks for letting us build her up for you Kurt !

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the six seater

yes it runs……BUT, we’ll need a waiver signed first

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Motorola classic

Here’s a prestine Eddy Merckx with team motorola paint job. It’s a new addition to the barn unless of course you’d prefer it hanging from your garage instead of my barn. Size 58, equipped with 8spd Campy Record and aero calipers.

she’s a sweetie !

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how bout’ that front chainwheel

before shimano biopace of the late eighties they had:

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Columbia Classics

Here is a fine example of a properly restored 52′ Columbia Deluxe…..outfitted with all the cool trinkets of it’s era, delta ray headlamps, Cadet speedo, Union expansion drum brake. Just a beautiful bike.

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schwinn classics

56′ Schwinn Cycletruck

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week of pics

it’s been a busy week with lots of bike repairs coming in. The feast after a winter of famine. Lots of really cool projects and a few happy new bike owners too.

Jean and his new Vassago Bandersnatch

Robert and his Felt Virtue

and here’s a couple of pics of Don’s super cool Masi road bike….Don wanted some new on the bar ergo shifters, easier gearing, and to get away from his old 27″ tubular wheels.

my old VAR adjustable spanner helped me with the above project…one of my personal favorite tools.

and some really hot components.

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cool bike

cool bike of the day pic….someone did an amzing job on the restoration of this older english classic and when i recieve more details on the bike i’ll share them here. Thanks for sending the picture on over Jason.

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in the stand

aaahhh, the flirtation of spring. Nothing like a deserving 60d day to put cycling minded folks in the mood for pedaling bicycles. The past couple of days has been exciting around here as folks are starting to stumble in from a long winter of skiing and other snow activities. We had a pair that came in today from Des Moines Iowa, and we chatted about the midwest, RAGBRAI, corn, and humidity. Nice folks for sure, but aren’t most cyclists ???? They seemed to like the ol’ Red Barn too as one kindly asked to take a few pics of some of the old bikes hanging around. Heck ya -Sure thing, take as many as you like.

But anyway….here’s a couple of bikes currently in the stand, some minor and some major issues.
on the tuner………..Galactic ; Action Speaks Louder than Words. Good stuff.

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Schwinn Twinn completed

Here’s a picture of the completed Schwinn Twinn overhaul. This bike had tons of corrosion going on inside, places that were’nt appearent from the outside. Once we opened up the bearings we quickly discovered lots of rust. Also, take an inside look of the Atom Drum brake before we cleaned out the old brake shoe residue and rust from the original ball bearings (which were all replaced with new 1/4″ bearings). The atom drum is cable actuated and the brake arm expands the two brake shoes which puts pressure against the inside walls of the hubshell. The side shot of the hub shows how thick the braking surface is…..no weight savings attempt going on here.

I think the bike turned out nicely and so did the owners.

Atom Drumbrake with 5spd freewheel (with 30yrs worth of corrosion)

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