1954 JC Higgins Colorflow

photo request….had a customer ask me about a bike that he saw hanging in the background of the shop…seemed he had a Colorflow of his own that needed restoration. He wanted to use this particular one as an example of color and what it looked like in original shape. Wish granted…..a few pictures of our 1954 JC Higgins Colorflow. How about that skirt gaurd….eh ? I know a few gents that could use this feature on their mountain bikes ; )

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one for the cruizer fans out there…..an 83′ Mongoose Koz cruiser. Cook Brothers fork, Boss bars, DX pedals, and a sugino crank/chainwheel….truely fashionable.

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1927 Elgin Motorbike

and also the same frame/fork that Pereira modeled their most recent show bike after. I’m not 100% sure what i’m going to do with it quite yet so we’ll just hang her up in the back until i cross that path. Kind of neat stuff though and felt like sharing.
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Schwinn Black Phantom

here’s one of the many old cruisers that you can find within the confines of the old barn. This old Phantom has been completely restored back to original status. There are a few new parts that we installed just to spiff it up a little. Can you guess which parts are new ?

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JC Higgins

men’s late 50’s JC Higgins. Here’s one of the newly aquired cruisers that made it’s journey all the way from Fremont Nebraska. I’ll show more of this collection a little later.

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