making hay

picture from yesterday

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Red Barn intraweb Tour

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year and a half since we’ve finished the remodel of the barn (est.2000), and she’s starting to feel pretty darn cozy as her newest facet of being considered a bike shop.

a little for the history buffs
Originally built in the early 20’s-30’s she began life as a dairy farm owned by the McCrossen’s who kept an immaculate dairy record (which was found during the remodel). Alvin Schmitt (my wifes grandfather) purchased the farm in the early 50’s and he too ran the farm and kept a few head around for dairy. Alvin added to the barn and built the two lean-two additions that you see in the pic on the banner above. Alvin also in his later years converted the barn from Dairy to wood shop by adding a concrete pad, updated electric and a little bit of drywall. My father in law has tons of great stories about this old building, but honestly my favorites have to be about all the mischeif that he and his brother got themselves into and then actually being able to see the knife scar initials, udder napkins stuck to the ceiling, and cracked ceiling joists from jumping around in the hayloft. Actually, the fact that either of them made it past their teen years with their arses still attached is beyond either of their imaginations as ol’ Alvin had quite the temper. But anyway… wife and i made a home of this place and it didn’t take long for the barn to transition into a bicycle shop, it was all too natural.
still….this place wouldn’t be anywhere near it’s current state if it were’nt for damn good friends and the support of a kick ass community. And folks, we love ya.
looking in the front door:

the shop

the crap in the back… man’s junk is a red barn treasure.

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