The Highline

it’s been just like a candy shop in here since we’ve returned from Vegas

the Turner Highlines are starting to ship, we waited in a long line to recieve ours and it was well worth the wait. We’ve already spent the entire morning pouring over the details. Just so many pass over, such detail. Turner really created a beautiful 7.1″ travel, 10.65 pound frame.

intricate cnc’d detail, a 12 X 150 rear axle…check out the built in derailleur hanger.

infamous Turner bushing design and also grease injectable.

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Green RFX

Granny Smith Green Turner RFX

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Custom White RFX

i’ll admit it….i’m jealous. 2007 Turner RFX

with 2007 Marzocchi 66SL1 ATA with 120-180mm of travel. Pic#1 is suspension fork at lowest setting and pic#2 is suspension fork at max travel. Versatility is a nice trait and having a fork that changes travel increment/head tube angle on the fly is a very-very nice feature.

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Turner Sultan

tony’s new Sultan
(29″ wheels never looked so good)

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RL’s Sultan

Turner Sultan with XTR shifter and derailleur, Formula K24 hydraulics with matching 180mm rotors, King hubs laced to Stans Arch rims, and a Maverick DUC32 up front. Pretty darn nice.

RL’s Turner Sultan

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Turner Sultan

We got a couple of Turner’s new twenty nine inch wheeled Sultan , they look great and i’m looking forward to throwing a set of wheels on this one an actually checking it out on the local dirt. Stay tuned for ride reports.

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25.7 pounds of pink sweetness

just finished up the custom pink Turner Flux…. someone is going to be a very happy new bike owner.

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pink turner flux

we just recieved this custom pink Turner Flux today and unfortunately through a little miscommunication we were sent the wrong size. The customer wasn’t too bummed since the riding won’t be good until March. So, I went ahead and played the good bike dealer and told Dave and Jarett over at Turner that i’d still like to keep this frame instead of opting to send it back. YES, it’ll be the first pink frame to be hung from the walls of the red barn but it’ll add a little color to the decor…don’t you think ? Do you have a love in your life that needs a flux….or are you a closet metrosexual ? Then here’s your chance. Price is right for the picking….if your picking is pink.

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