Bicycle Service

woman mechanic doing service on mountain bike

At Red Barn Bicycles, we pride ourselves on our service. If you need a tune up, a complete overhaul, or anything in between, we are more than happy to help you out. We offer friendly service and great rates. Bicycle pickup and delivery is also available in a limited area. Please read below for some of our more popular service options.


Thoroughly clean and visually inspect, check tightness of all bolt/nuts, adjust hub/ headset/ bottom bracket/ pedal/ and wheel bearings, true wheels, adjust front and rear derailleurs, adjust front and rear brakes, clean and lube cable housing if needed, lube chain, air tires, and test ride.


– same as above, PLUS all new cables and housing, and degrease drivetrain with citrus detergent.


– same steps as in deluxe, PLUS complete removal, thorough cleaning and proper regreasing of every bearing on the bike; new chain; disc tabs milled if applicable; brake lines bled if applicable; check drop-out alignment; and check derailleur hanger alignment.


Рoil changes, rebuilds, tune-ups, and spring kits are available…please call or leave an e-mail with specifics regarding make / model / year.

Have a question? Ready to schedule? Send us an email, we will reply with an estimate and service time frame.