here’s a couple of pics of my new roadie….it’s been since 94′ that i’ve last spoiled myself on a new road machine and i will admit that i do have a small sliver of love in my heart for those skinny tired types. My last road bike (and first real road bike) was a gift from Wayne Schaffer, the owner of the first shop i ever worked at and given to me as christmas bonus. Wayne operated a great store back in Lincoln NE, that had a mom & pop atmosphere and diverse base of customers. Wayne himself had a heart of gold and taught me the ins and outs of the bicycle business which also meant watching how the man carried himself day to day. He always quietly gave to others, quick to lend a hand, was honest, and also loving….all traits that i’ve wanted to simulate and naturally practice myself. I’ve always quietly prided myself for cutting my teeth in such a shop. So it was truely a sad day when the parts off of the old Croll road bike were sold and the frame hung in the back with the collection of my other have beens and pieces of my cycling history. It was hard to part ways with a machine that has given me so much joy and a ton of fantastic memories.

Well, that was until my new Bruce Gordon showed up : )

lugged steel