What would the winter be without gaining a little “Fat?”…..

Hello Cycling Friends!  With Spring right around the corner, we are ready and chomping at the bit to get out and turn some pedals in a little warmer climate and wearing fewer layers…BUT…that’s not quite here yet so keep those thoughts on the back burner.  We, here at the ‘Barn know that some folks like to train indoors during the cold, dark days and nights of Winter but there is something to be said for getting out and braving the cold and snow to pedal around a bit.  There’s something refreshing about breathing in cold winter air….(Unless you enjoy the stale, sweaty air in the pain cave) while exploring some new roads and trails.  If you haven’t tried riding a fat-tired bike, maybe it’s time you do….and that’s where we come in.  We’ve still got fat bikes in stock and would like to get them acquainted with new owners.  We have Trek Farleys and Salsa Mukluks that are ready to get out and find new homes.  We are offering 20% off these bikes for in-stock purchase and pick up only, no shipping.

And if you are already in that Spring mode and looking for a hard tail or full suspension bike, we have a select few Trek Roscoes and Remedys from last season that we need to move as well.  These are also 20% off, in-stock and in-store purchases only, no shipping or internet sales.

Come by and check them out, say “Hello” and warm your feet by the fire.


The Red Barn Crew