Knolly Endorphin

Nathan’s new Knolly Endorphin

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week of pics

it’s been a busy week with lots of bike repairs coming in. The feast after a winter of famine. Lots of really cool projects and a few happy new bike owners too.

Jean and his new Vassago Bandersnatch

Robert and his Felt Virtue

and here’s a couple of pics of Don’s super cool Masi road bike….Don wanted some new on the bar ergo shifters, easier gearing, and to get away from his old 27″ tubular wheels.

my old VAR adjustable spanner helped me with the above project…one of my personal favorite tools.

and some really hot components.

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Tylers new ride

finally rec’d some brakes that we’ve been patiently waiting for which allowed us to finish Tyler’s new Knolly Endorphin.

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Knolly Endorphin

we just recieved two Endorphin frames and thought we’d share a few pics. For those of you that aren’t in the know…these are the long awaited framesets designed by the infamous and a gentlemen, Mr Noel Buckley. I’ll tell you straight up that his frames are simply incredible. Solid designs built to take a whopin’.
5.5″ of travel at 7.8 pound

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much to be excited about, the Knolly Endorphin is due next month. Check’um: KNOLLY

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