Come and look at our fine selection of Red Barn Bicycles logoed merchandise.  Super soft, next level blended T-shirts, Snapback Trucker Style Caps in a rainbow of colors as well as muted earth tones.   Oh wait…there’s more….can koozies in colors that would make a bag of Skittles blush.  And how could you not want to start your day off sipping your favorite morning beverage in anything BUT a RBB logo mug in the ever fashionable black!

But that’s not all: Stainless Water Bottles; Plastic Water Bottles; Cycling Caps, Jerseys and Shorts.  And for those who enjoy the benefits of a lock on grip, we have some custom made aluminum ones in different colors.  A great way to individualize your whip.

Check them out while they’re still here to BE checked out!

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Red Barn Cycling Caps !!

cotton-$20, wool-$30, wool w/flipups-$35
Tracy and Dan rockin’ the new cap.

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new Red Barn waterbottles
that are
100%biodegradeable and made from 20% recycled materials

20 oz – $3
24oz – $4

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RB headbadge

subtle new Red Barn Headbadges. Let me know if you’d like one…i think i can get a few more.

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RB Flyer

Felt makes some killer cruisers and lately i’ve been tinkering around with one of those Felt blank frames, actually i think they call it their canvas frame. I’m calling it my Red Barn Flyer, perfect for those around town rides with the kids, bar hopping, or letting B. George use it as a pickup magnet, a magnet on the seat and one on the handlebars turning a one seater into a threesome. Yours any time to ride B.G. …. well, just as long as you don’t stack it up against a bunch of other bikes and make a nasty scratch on it !

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