Nov 23rd was the MT State Championship CX race and also the last race of the year……you know, i kinda fell in love with cyclocross this year. It’s just a blast to be shot of the line with a group full of fellas that all have the same interest of diving into that first piece of singletrack at 25+mph. That holeshot……worth an hours worth of agony to me. But it doesn’t stop there, after 2 or 3 short laps you’d eventually recover from that all out starting effort and settle into a good pace that made riding the track a bit more enjoyable. Hitting a nice piece of off-cambered singletrack on 700 X 32c tires is a fantastic experience. The slippin’ and sliddin’ when the ground has moisture and being able to keep that damn bike upright or in my case, sometimes not just brings a grin to my face that goes ear to ear.

The folks that put on the races this year all did a fantastic job. Every race was promoted well and ran smoothly and we’d like to give a shout out to John Coulthard and Geoff Proctor for putting together a nice series. Hopefully the Red Barn crew can host a race down here in Hamilton for 09′. Hamilton needs a local CX race…’s been years since Jeremy Oury hosted a few races out on his family’s ranch and i think we need to bring CX racing back. Whatchu folks think ?? I’ll be calling upon you locals for support.

But anyway……i suppose a 3rd place trinket isn’t too darn bad of a placing for a pop of three and a full timin’ bike shop fella that likes to ride but doesn’t like to train.